Evolution Racing Academy

What makes us special

At ERA, we're passionate about nurturing talent and fostering growth, especially in the lower classes like AM and SILVER. We provide a respectful and fair racing environment where drivers of all skill levels can thrive. Whether you're a PRO, PRO-AM, or an aspiring AM driver, our focus is on driver development. We offer a range of programs and opportunities to enhance your skills.


Setup classes

Learn the art of car setup, optimize your performance, and gain that competitive edge.


Racecraft training

Master the art of wheel-to-wheel racing, learn strategic overtaking, defensive manoeuvres, and improve your racecraft.


Stewarded races

Our dedicated team of stewards and moderators work diligently to enforce rules that ensure intense yet respectful competition on the track.


Active community

Our EU-based community is very active on Discord, where you can discuss strategy and forge friendships in between races, or chat live during races.


Sprint races (Thursdays)

Engage in thrilling sprint races with like-minded simracers and sharpen your racing skills in intense competition, without a long-term commitment.


Championship Series (Sundays)

Put yourself to the test against similarly skilled drivers in our weekly championship races.

License Progression

Rookie 🔰


  • 📝 Simply register!


  • 🔓 Daily races

Bronze 🥉


  • 📝 Hold a Rookie license
  • 📝 Attend 5 races
  • 📝 Complete all basic courses
  • 📝 Pass bronze drivers test


  • 🔓 Thursday Single Races
  • 🔓 Sunday Championship Series

Silver 🥈


  • 📝 Hold a Bronze license
  • 📝 Attend 20 races
  • 📝 Complete all advanced courses
  • 📝 Pass silver drivers test

Gold 🎖️


  • 📝 Hold a Silver license
  • 📝 Attend 35 races
  • 📝 Complete all master courses
  • 📝 Pass gold drivers test

Platinum 🏆


  • 📝 Hold a Gold license
  • 📝 Pace within 1.5% of the fastest ERA driver
  • 📝 Approval by ERA Board


  • 🔓 Exclusive Platinum/Diamond-only server for Sunday Championship races

Diamond 💎


  • 📝 Hold a Platinum license
  • 📝 Pace within 0.5% of the fastest ERA driver
  • 📝 Approval by ERA Board